‘Wild Ouseburn’ Calendar 2024




The Ouseburn Valley is home to an amazing range of wildlife from butterflies to deer.
To celebrate this a calendar has been produced featuring 14 photographs chosen from
entries to the inaugural Wild Ouseburn Calendar Photography Competition 2023.

As well as appearing in the Wild Ouseburn Calendar 2024 the winning photographers have
received two tickets for a ‘Back to the Future’ Walk and a copy of the published calendar.
The winning photographers are: John Hipkin, Will Howe, Mike Jeffries, Grace Lowthian,
Iain Scott, Cain Scrimgeour and Adrian J White. 

All profits from calendar sales will go to the Ouseburn Trust, an independent charity,
working towards a vibrant, diverse and sustainable future for Newcastle upon Tyne’s
Ouseburn Valley.